memorialThe development of was an intense labor of love for the fastpitch softball community and the result of hundreds of hours poured into programming, marketing, and maintaining the site.  Thousands of Floridians have benefited from the use of Pitch2fast as it has become THE source for all things softball in Florida.  Its original design was to connect and inform families, teams, and organizations across our state and beyond.  This goal was met.

Jeff_FickasMany, but not all users, knew that the master architect, sole developer, and custom designer of this incredible tool was Jeff Fickas.  From 2003 when he began work on it, until his passing in 2014, he devoted innumerable hours working to make the site the best it could be.  His six children helped with much of the data entry, correspondence, updates, and weekly results.  He was a programming and computer genius, who demanded of himself the same quality and effort he expected of his children and the many girls and boys he coached through the years.  Unfortunately for us, his desire to maintain the integrity of the site with many safeguards also locked out administration of the site when he passed away.  For this reason no new users have been or can be allowed privileges on Pitch2fast since 2014.  Our desire is to once again make an interactive tool for current and future softball participants.  With the passing of the torch to new owners, it is our desire that the legacy Jeff began will continue to be a valuable service to our Florida players for years to come.